Barbies: by Bonnie's Childhood Dreams

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DKNY    DKNY:  Blonde Donna Karen, Never removed from box.

    Price: $100

[1995 Holiday Barbies]  1995  Holidays:

Top: Hallmark Holiday, 2nd in series, NRFB,  Price $50.

Bottom Left:  White Holiday Barbie, NRFB,  Price $60.

Bottom Right:  Black Holiday Barbie, NRFB, Price $50.

1996 Holiday Barbie:   NRFB,    Price $70.

[Little Debbies]   Little Debbies:    

 Left: 1996 Little Debbie, series 2, NRFB. Price $30.

 Right: 1993 Little Debbie, series 1, NRFB, Price $80. (SOLD)

[3 Barbies]  Top Left:  Statue of Liberty FAO Swartz  Exclusive:  SOLD

  Top Right: 1995 "Brunette" Starlight Waltz produced for 1995 Disney Teddy Bear and Doll Convention. Limited edition of 1500, NRFB and signed by Designer. Price $475

  Bottom: 1996 Avon Spring Bouquet, NRFB, Price $50.

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