Antique Dolls: by Bonnie's Childhood Dreams

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15 Inch Franz Schmidt:

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Mold #1272 FS& C, bisque head baby with sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, and breather nostrils. This adorable baby is in excellent condition! The composition baby body has all the little fingers & toes and original body finish. Truly a beautiful little baby. Her costume is vintage christening gown & slip, knitted booties(to protect those little toes), and knitted cap. Oh yes we can't forget the diaper! Circa 1910.   Price only $525.00 USD


15 inch Cuno Otto:

Cuno otto     Bisque shoulderhead with bisque arms, open mouth, kid body. Doll has new wig and new costume.   Price $300.00 USD

AM Floradora

 Left:  17 inch AM Floradora with composition body, sleep eyes, human hair wig and new clothing.    Price $350.00 USD

 Right: 14 inch AM 390 - Sold

[Simon & Halbig 905]

18" Simon & Halbig 905 with swivel head, gusset-jointed body, bisque arms, blue glass eyes and closed mouth. Circa 1890. Very good condition.    Price $2400 USD

[German Fashion Lady]
20" German Fashion Lady: (Circa 1880-1890) Turned shoulderhead with cloth body, kid arms, glass eyes, closed mouth and beautiful old costume. Excellent condition. Price:$1100 USD

(16' 260 Kestner]16" Kestner #260 Character Baby: (Circa 1910) with composition bent limb body, sleep eyes, open mouth, all original. Price $850 USD.

10" American Schoolboy. Solid domed shoulderhead with glass eyes, muslin body, original matador costume.  Sold

[14' #167 Kling]14" Kling Shoulderhead #167: (Circa 1890) with glass eyes, closed mouth and cloth body with bisque lower arms. Nicely dressed and in excellent condition.        Price $700 USD

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