Other Stuffed Toys:

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[ Annalee Mr and Mrs Claus]  Annalee 's  Mr and Mrs Claus:  Issued  1971,   excellent condition.  Price $130


Steiff Collectables:

[Steiff Santa]      
Steiff  Santa:   12 in all original from 1954, excellent condition with chest tag.  Price $500.

 [ Mama Lion and tiger ]    Left: Steiff Mama Lion - 8.5 in. long, mohair, circa 1940, articulated head and legs, button in ear, good condition.   Price $250. (SOLD)

   Right: Steiff Tiger - 9 in. long, mohair, circa 1960, no tags or button. very good condition.    Price $150.

[ Steiff Monkeys]     Back: Steiff monkey named Cosy Gora , 14 in, circa 1958, no button or tag, in very good condition.  Price $120.

     Front:  Stieff Monkey named Jocko, 10 in. mohair, circa 1960, has button in ear, Mint condition.   Price $200. (SOLD)

[ Donkey and Roly Poly ]   Steiff Museum Collection:

   Right: Donkey - 1984 limited edition 9000, MIB,   Price $180.

   Left:  Roly Poly - 1984 limited edition 9000, MIB,   Price $180.

[ Bandsmen ]      Steiff  Bandsmen:   Issued 1988, limited edition 5000, MIB.

  Top Left: Crocodile,  Price $165.     Top Right: Bear,   Price $150.

  Bottom Left: Cat,  Price $160,    Bottom Right:  Lion,   SOLD

 Bearback Rider  Steiff Golden Age of the Circus - Bear Back Rider:  A bear riding the back of two white horses, issued 1991, limited edtion of 5000,  MIB.  Price $400.

[ 2 Bunnys ]     Left:  One of a kind  16" black mohair bunnie by  Sally Winey, signed and dated 1991.   SOLD

    Right:  Bibbles from Gund's Signiture collection,  16" plush bunny issued 1991, limited edition of 1120.  Price $150.

[ Bunny Doll ]      Adorable  Bunny  Doll:  Unknown maker, circa 1950's,  hard plastic head, soft stuffed body. Hooded bunny suit is made of fleece. The wig is replaced.  Price $75.

[Grisly Cat on Wheels]  Grisly Cat on Wheels:   About 6 in high and made in Germany of mohair,  mint with tag. Price $80.


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